Preliminary programme




Søren Rud Keiding

Newspace Day

Christoffer Karoff

Keynote talk

Chris Boshuizen

Space in Denmark

Cecilie Tornøe

Space at Aalborg University

Jens Frederik Dalsgaard Nielsen

Space at Aarhus University

Hans Kjeldsen


Annette Høj Marquart

Space at Terma

Peter Davidsen

ESA Academy

Francesco Sarti


Matchmaking session


Keynote talk by Chris Boshuizen:

Chris is the co-founder and previous CTO of Planet, a company providing daily, global mapping of our changing planet by the use of a suite of CubeSats. Today he has dedicated his life to the development of partnerships and alliances that accelerate the development of the space frontier. You can find a TED talk, where Chris present some of his ideas here: