Credit: NASA

Date: September 26th 2018

Time: 9 AM - 4 PM

Venue: Remisen, Godsbanen in Aarhus


The aim of the workshop is to foster better use of the possibilities arising with Newspace. Newspace refers to the globally emerging space movement led by the faster, better and cheaper access to space. It includes private space initiatives like SpaceX, large freely available services like the Copernicus program and the use of ultra-cheap microsatellites.

The program will include a number of presentations of how Newspace influence the use of space at Danish universities and private companies. Based on these presentations we will initiate a matchmaking session between professionals, students and private companies with the aim to develop new disruptive ideas for using Newspace.

In the matchmaking session people will be separated into different groups covering the following subjects

i.            Micro satellites

ii.           Large satellites

iii.          Earth observations

iv.          Big data