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Niels Bohr Professorship

Funded by Danish National Research Foundation


The Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet) is one of the newest Centres of Excellence led by Prof. Rubina Raja and funded by the Danish National Research Foundation. ESP faculty are members of the interdisciplinary core group for UrbNET. Expertise and clean lab and analytical facilities supported by the Niels Bohr Professorship will play crucial roles in the characterization of the composition of artifacts, raw materials and their surroundings required for establishing high-definition archaeological records of economic practices and cultural interactions. UrbNet was launched in January 2015.

International Continental Drilling Program (ICDP)

ESP is involved in workshops for future ICDP drilling in collaboration between industry and academia.

  • workshop in Johannesburg concerned the drilling of a reference section into the Bushveld Complex, a layered gabbro intrusion hosting some of the world’s most important platinum, chromium, vanadium and other metal deposits.  
  • workshop at the hydrothermal powerplant of the Krafla volcano of northern Iceland, with the goal of drilling into the magma chamber below the active volcano! This happened by accident a few years ago. This ICDP project is intending to repeat this under controlled conditions and to obtain more volcanic material to study magma and fluid interaction driving magmatism and hydrothermal systems.

Keramik i Kontekst

ESP is also involved in the Carlsberg funded research group ‘Ceramics in Context’ led by Prof. Rubina Raja. The objective of this project is a comprehensive characterization of ceramic artifacts from archaeological sites in Jordon utilizing the new analytical facilities in Geoscience.


In 2014 we were involved in the founding of C3NET – Climate|Culture|Catastrophe Network. This interdisciplinary network funded by AU is concerned with the human impacts of climate change and extreme environmental events in the past such as volcanic eruptions.