ESP seminar

Dr. Veronique Le Roux, WHOI

06.06.2018 | Lara O'Dwyer Brown

Dato man 25 jun
Tid 11:00 12:00
Sted 1671-234

Veronique Le Roux of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution will visit the ESP group and give a seminar: Arc-like magmas generated by mélange-peridotite interaction in the mantle wedge.

Dr. Le Roux's research focuses on studying the effects of melting and melt-rock reactions on the composition of the Earth’s mantle, investigating the processes of material transport (volatiles and crust) between the surface oceans and the Earth’s mantle, and developing the innovative use of 3-D models to enhance the understanding of geological processes.

Dr. Le Roux uses a multidisciplinary approach in performing my research, combining geochemistry, petrology, fieldwork, 3-D micro-computed tomography, and high-pressure, high-temperature laboratory experiments to simulate conditions inside the Earth.